Engineering Services

Feasibility Studies

INTEGRIO’s experience in a variety of fields is available to clients for expansion or diversification of their activities. Services offered range from carrying out preliminary feasibility studies to detailed feasibility reports and include technology evaluations, detailed economic analysis etc. In-house software as well as bought out software packages are used for the studies depending upon specific requirements.


Plant Operations & Safety –

As plants handling hazardous materials are growing in size and complexity, Risk Management is assuming critical dimensions. INTEGRIO has the expertise to provide complete services in the area of Risk Management & Safety Engineering. INTEGRIO has the capability to help the client in site selection, plant and equipment layout, optimum offsite storage capacity etc. taking total risk involved into consideration to ensure safety of the operating personnel and the community from fire, explosion or toxicity.

The services provided by INTEGRIO include:

  • Hazard & Operability Studies (HAZOPS)
  • Failure Frequency Estimation
  • Consequence Analysis
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Disaster Management Planning
  • Safety Audit
  • Training of Engineers In HAZOPS and Hazard Analysis
  • Accident Investigations

Process Design

INTEGRIO’s Process Design and Development Group, comprise of highly experienced process engineers aimed at providing optimum process designs to ensure high degree of reliability for efficient performance of the ultimate production facilities. Process Design and Development Division is supported by such specialist Divisions, R&D Division, Operations, Heat & Mass Transfer Division, Environmental Engineering, System Engineering, and Computer Services Division etc.

Process designs are developed either on the basis of in-house know-how or that supplied by client. A process design package comprising the following is developed using computers including CAD (Computer Aided Designs) and other proved design or simulation techniques:

  • Process specifications
  • Process and utilities flow diagram with energy and mass balances and operating conditions
  • Piping and instrumentation diagram
  • Equipment and piping schedules
  • Instrument Data Sheets
  • Catalyst, chemicals and effluent specifications
  • Preliminary plot plans and are classification
  • Operating Instructions

This package forms the basis of detail engineering for the Project. During the progress of Engineering, Process Design Division also provides the following services:

  • Checking and updating engineering documents related to process design requirements such as:
    • Equipment drawings and data sheets and final vendor drawings
    • Piping drawings
  • Updating P&IDs as per final piping drawings
  • Advising as follows to facilities procurement services:
    • Process comments on the acceptability of critical pumps, compressors, blowers, fired heaters etc.
    • Process comments on the design of various packaged systems such as air separation plants, nitrogen wash units, reformers, boilers, storage systems, effluent treatment systems, water treatment systems offered by vendors.

The Process Design and Development Division also assists in preparation of detailed operating manuals inclusive of appropriate vendors and in commissioning of the plants/ units/ systems

INTEGRIO uses various process simulation software packages to develop process flow sheets and heat & material balances. For design & graphic work, INTEGRIO uses both Autocad & other design tools. Design & engineering is carried out on distributed computing facilities connected in a Local Area Network. Supported by a strong Heat & Mass Transfer equipment group, INTEGRIO Process Design Division also provides services for yield and energy optimization in process plants.

The strong base of INTEGRIO in process design and engineering has resulted in INTEGRIO offering basic engineering based on its own know-how, licensed know-how & even based on just catalyst information.

Project Management Services

INTEGRIO’s project management services comprise directions and coordination of the activities leading to the execution of a job in accordance with terms of the contract, in compliance with the job schedule and to the satisfaction of the client. The efforts of various agencies such as vendors, contractors/sub contractors & INTEGRIO’s different departments are brought together in a logical pattern to result in fruitful culmination of the project.

At the start of any project, a project team is organized comprising of specialists and experts. The project team is headed and lead by a Project Manager – who is assigned and picked based on his/ her proven technical and managing experience and ability to handle such kind of projects. With this Project Management System in place, INTEGRIO can deliver the complete services necessary, and on time and at optimum investment cost.

The Project Manager leads, organizes, directs and control the various activities associated with the project both at the Head office and when required at the Field Office. He is also responsible for maintaining a working relationship with the client on all aspects of the project execution.

The Project Manager leads and controls the project by performing various activities like the following:

  • Develop the “Team” (Task Force) by identifying the key personnel’s suitable for the project
  • Ensure that all information, drawing, specifications and data received or developed during the basic engineering stage are finalized and agreed upon with the client and other engineering contractors, if any.
  • Establishes at the beginning of the project, the client’s requirements, instruction manuals, vendor prints, spare parts lists, service manuals etc.
  • Develop Project Scope and procedures and establish the formal lines of communication with client
  • Define and develop job instructions
  • Develop with the concerned departments and disciplines their man hour budgets for engineering office and field office for the project
  • Develops with Planning and Scheduling Section, the Project Schedules and Project Information Systems, consisting of the following:
    • Preparation of preliminary schedules for discussion and finalization of the same with the client
    • Preparation of an overall project schedule/ network identifying critical path, priority activities and target dates of completion
    • Updating the networks and project Schedules regularly
    • Preparation of detailed discipline wise schedules for defining work targets and indicating performance against these targets
    • Developing project information system for highlighting slippages and hold ups for management action and control.
  • Develop and define the procedures for DCR (Document Control Register) control, and constantly use that with the team to work with the client to schedule and deliver the deliverables (Documents & Drawings).
  • Hold regular project review meetings with the team and client and vendors if any
  • Maintains constant surveillance through the Engineering Coordinator and Planning Engineer to ensure that targets and commitments are met, schedules are maintained and engineering work is performed as per engineering design basis for the project.
  • Continuously monitor the financial status of the project with the budget estimates through Cost Engineering Group.
  • Maintain control of all fiscal matters pertaining to the project including the schedule of payments for services, cost allocations, contractor/ vendor claims, etc.
  • Coordinates with commissioning group for initiating pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up activities leading to handing over of the plant to the client.

Planning & Scheduling

INTEGRIO ensures effective & timely implementation of projects through detailed assessment of work quantum, meticulous planning , micro level scheduling and dynamic monitoring. Various international software packages on project management are deployed for preparation of plans / schedules and their analysis. Along with the above, a supporting set of in-house developed software packages are used for detailed scheduling of engineering, procurement, and construction activities including integrated software for project material control and data flow between Home Office, Project Sites and Inspection Offices. These schedules are reviewed, updated and project completion outlook analyzed by planning engineers having vast experience in all phases of project planning. Corrective action plans are developed for functional & executive levels of project management wherever required.
In addition, quantitative progress of the various phases of project is measured and reported through a well-designed reporting system which enables complete evaluation of project performance.

Apart from the above, Third Party Monitoring Contracts providing the entire range of independent planning, scheduling & monitoring services are also undertaken by INTEGRIO for projects internationally.

Cost Engineering

INTEGRIO’s cost engineering services help the project management team in exercising practically online control of the costs with project execution budgets through application of latest techniques of Project Cost Management. Large dynamic database & In-house developed programs operating on PC platform are used in estimating costs of work packages prior to their award. The cost engineering systems employed are kept updated through the latest developments in cost management techniques as also through experience gained while working on international projects.

Detailed Engineering

The process design package is converted into detailed engineering drawings and documents by specialist civil, structural, mechanical, electrical & instrumentation engineers. Computer aided design techniques are extensively used as design aids to help develop optimum layout & design to assure maximum construction, operational & maintenance convenience.
Detailed drawings and Bill of Materials are extracted automatically from the system, ensuring highest degree of accuracy and error-free drawings. Documents / Drawings are transmitted electronically using the LAN environment for in-house use and Internet for internal and external use.

Detailed engineering leads to identification & specifications of equipment and material for procurement & needs of construction activities at site.

Procurement Assistance

INTEGRIO offers comprehensive procurement services through a highly professional purchase team, effective monitoring and expediting group, a well experienced and qualified multi-disciplinary inspection force and a specialist group for route survey and planning for multi model movement of over-dimensional consignments.
Following comprehensive procurement services are provided:

  • Vendor identification, evaluation & enlistment
  • Order placement
  • Progress monitoring & expediting
  • Inspection
  • Transportation planning & control
  • Safety certification under Static & Mobile Pressure Vessels (SMPV) rules of the Chief Controller of Explosives
  • A databank providing significant information on capable vendors all over the world is maintained and constantly updated.

Construction Management/ Supervision

INTEGRIO’s Construction Division provides total construction management services at site including selection of construction contractors, warehouse management, quality control/quality assurance (QC/QA) , process monitoring & scheduling, review of heavy erection schemes, safety etc. Depending on client’s need, INTEGRIO takes total site responsibility from survey & soil investigation to mechanical completion & assistance in commissioning.
Use of modern construction techniques, innovative construction procedures, emphasis on QA/AC are some of the hallmarks based on which it has been possible for INTEGRIO to reduce construction time of projects yet providing work of highest quality.

Commissioning & Plant Start-up Assistance

INTEGRIO’s Commissioning team associates itself with the project right from the process design stage. It reviews process & engineering design documents specially with respect to operability & safety. The team also prepares operation manuals providing instruction for plant start-up, shutdown & handling various emergencies. It provides guidelines and supervises pre commissioning & commissioning activities at site.
INTEGRIO’s responsibility continues till production of specification products has been established to the full satisfaction of the customers. The team assists process department in conducting performance guarantee tests in order to establish plant operation at design through-puts with product of specified quality. INTEGRIO also provides technical guidance to customers in the area of trouble shooting.

Heat & Mass Transfer Equipment Design

INTEGRIO does various Heat & Mass transfer equipments designs which include Fired Heaters & Air Preheat Systems, Heat Exchangers, Trays & Tower Internals, Oil/Gas/Water Separators, Gas Dehydration Systems, Waste Heat Boilers, Waste Heat Recovery Systems, Sulphur Recovery Unit, etc.

Energy Conservation

In accordance with global need to conserve energy, INTEGRIO has developed comprehensive & systematic energy audit techniques for new as well as operating plants. It has the expertise and capability to critically examine energy usage and requirements for different segments of each plant. INTEGRIO undertakes energy audit studies & provides a comprehensive & graded list of energy saving investments. INTEGRIO’s expertise for energy conservation covers the following:

  • Efficiency improvement of Combustion Equipment like Boilers & Furnaces through:
    • Heat Recovery from the flue gases by Air Preheaters, Economisers, Waste Heat Boilers etc.
    • Improved combustion control
  • Total heat train optimisation within given operating & space constraints.
  • Cogeneration Systems
  • Low Level Heat Utilisation
  • Flare Gas Recovery
  • Vapour Recovery
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