Training Needs Analysis (TNA) with AI

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) with AI

TNA with Artificial Intelligence

With the new wave of digital transformation evolving training needs, organizations are shifting towards delivering technology-aided solutions. We leverage AI (artificial intelligence) ML (machine learning) & NLP (natural language processing) to identify development needs and link learning-related metrics to effective business outcomes. We help organizations to conduct need-gap analysis to identify the skills required to attain talent, boost employee engagement & knowledge retention.

AI, ML & NLP Integrated

Our smart platform helps your organization to gather unprecedented insights from the data through AI(artificial intelligence). Whereas the ML (machine learning) & NLP (natural language processing) empowers your organizations to explore data and make more informed and better decisions.

Data-Driven Approach with AI

We believe that the success of any organization depends on how effectively it combines people, process technology & data intelligently to deliver transformational value. Our smart AI platform offers your organization the relevant data & analytics to plan & execute the TNA by taking into account the flexibility & unique learning style of every individual employee.

Training Goals with AI

We provide an AI & ML platform for organizations to analyse their workforce data, improving strategic planning while focusing on analytical and key performance indicator insights. Team leaders can plan digital training opportunities for their team based on skill-gap assessments with the help of our conversational AI  solution.

We help organizations to come up with a robust TNA solution, making sure your team has access to the right knowledge and training right away. Our data-driven approach & analytics will help your company demonstrate the correlation between need-gap analysis & training performance.

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  • Date January 12, 2020
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