Smart City Solutions

Smart City Solutions

Smart City Solution

Smart city initiatives all over the world have transformed the way cities work nowadays. It focuses on anticipating problems and comes up with innovative solutions. Our comprehensive platform of smart city solutions offers services from e-governance to smart parking, sustainable home, and building efficiency systems and smart healthcare through diverse sets of technologies.

Smart Cities Platform with AI

Our smart city solution can improve public service along with a digital transformation in the following ways:

  • Our smart platform will bring digitization to directly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery by lowering the costs associated with delivery
  • This platform will also indirectly improve the quality of service delivery by strengthening feedback flows from users to service providers or monitoring agents (e.g. through mobile-based citizen feedback mechanisms).

Optimized Infrastructure

The goal of izeberg smart city app is to engage citizens and communicate important information in an efficient way. A great way to make IoT-powered smart communities even smarter using our smart platform to optimize infrastructure, mobility, public services, and utilities. This helps citizens to access traffic alerts, police incidents, and new smart city initiatives such as smart waste management and smart parking etc.

Smart & Connected Communities (SCC)

Our smart city solution is developed on the smart & connected communities (SCC) concept which focuses on the improved quality of life, preservation & sustainability. The izeberg’s well-designed data analytics strategy provides city officials the ability to access and analyze a huge amount of data & information into actionable insights.

With our smart city solutions, we aim to improve quality of life, provide a sustainable experience, more connected, and better-optimized city & its services. Our Smart city solution leverages on different technologies that can be combined in multiple ways to create a smart city platform suited to specific needs such as:

  1. More effective, data-driven decision-making
  2. Enhanced citizen and government engagement
  3. Safer communities
  4. Reduced environmental footprint
  5. Improved transportation
  6. Efficient public utilities
  7. New economic development opportunities
  • Date January 2, 2020
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