UN – SDGs and izeberg Sustainable Platform

UN – SDGs and izeberg Sustainable Platform

The United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were first introduced in September 2015 to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which ended the same year. On January 1st, 2016, these SDGs officially came into force at the UN Summit.

We used UN’s findings on SDGs and Green Project Management (GPM) as a guideline & incorporated PRISM methodology and Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) to benchmark and assess the projects against the relevant SDGs. We have come up with a framework that is Flexible to suit individual stakeholders as well as organizations. We believe that a well-presented, intuitive and communicable data can strengthen decision-making.

The most fundamental part is that relevant SDGs can be selected and measured against a specific project, department or the organization as a whole. Therefore, an effective tool must be measurable, relevant, and comprehensible. The measuring tool is divided into two parts:

First Part for Creating Awareness

We believe that organizations and individuals will need information, resources and basic know-how about the SDGs in order to implement them in their projects. Hence, a set of questions have been designed to create awareness amongst the users.

Second Part for Measuring Progress/Impact

A set of questions have been put up for the users to measure the relevant SDGs against their projects. This has been broken down into few phases, depending on how much detailed analysis the user requires. A basic report will tell the users about how well they are applying the SDGs to their core business operations and value chains, social investments, and advocacy efforts.

Though official assistance from main stakeholders is still required but we believe izeberg sustainable framework can be used as a stepping stone to support national efforts towards the successful implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in Malaysia.

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  • Date January 9, 2018
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