Play Gain – AI Leadership Simulation

Play Gain – AI Leadership Simulation

Success in a simulation, just as at work, is achieved not by manipulation, but by consistently applying good leadership and management practices, effective people skills, an integrated strategy, and the targeted functional skills being learned.

It’s a Real Work, Not a Game

The simulation AI is based on Reinforcement learning and Bellman algorithms Play Gain learning is a new generation multipurpose digital tool that utilize game theory with artificial intelligence (Bayesian People Analytics AI). These simulations authentically replicate the workplace, although they are more focused, risk-free, and performed in compressed time.

Productive Leadership Simulation

Productive Leadership game is the first digital game environment that reliably simulates the relationship between well-being and productivity at work. It is an analytics tool and learning platform in the game format. Our serious game follows the game-theoretical Bayesian People Analytics that utilize the scientific theory of human capital production function.

  • Date March 7, 2019
  • Tags Artificial Intelligence, Solutions
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