izeberg AI – Chatbot

izeberg AI – Chatbot

Smart Project Management:

izeberg Project management AI is an integrated system that can administrate projects without requiring human input. Using the power of artificial intelligence, bots will not only be able to automate tasks, but infer insights to make process recommendations, unveil team insights, and even make project decisions. Our AI platform will be using different aspects of automation in project management to do the following tasks:

  • Talk/ Chat with the app and ask about the pending tasks
  • Find out what projects your team is working on
  • What are the urgent tasks for the day
  • Add Tasks by just talking/ chatting with the App, and set auto reminders
  • Auto reminder if a project is running behind schedule
  • Suggestions such as adding 2 more guys to this project would speed up the work and complete it on time

Integrated Customer Service

Our AI expertise combines a seamless, consistent self-service experience with the convenience and accessibility of popular messaging applications, reaching customers in the platforms they already use.

With our knowledge-based platform linked to the bot, it would know which questions to answer and which to redirect to the rep. Our chatbots are designed to carry out pre-scripted conversations, we have designed our support bot with the intelligence to master the content.


  • Date January 16, 2018
  • Tags Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, Solutions
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