Is your organization ready for HXM?

Welcome to the age of human experience management. Now is the time to fundamentally change the way people experience work. Moving to HXM from HCM means putting employees first. It is more about transforming employee experiences in nurturing ways that employees are kept at the core to trigger the organization’s transition.

HXM (Human Experience Management)  has entirely transformed the human experience and equips organizations to create the kind of engagement that generates better business results.We believe in making employee experience a priority; that transforms the way companies engage with their people. And also helps them deliver an enriching experience, employees have always wanted.

Thus, keeping this concept in mind we have created the HXM platform that helps to understand an Employee from day one, work with them, and enable the new employees to hit the ground running. Our platform provides a proactive way to facilitate rich & engaging employee experience, create a positive vibe in making the employee proud of making valuable contributions to the company as well as meet his/her aspirations.

HCM to HXM Transformation

We believe managing employee experiences is imperative because companies that deliver great employee experiences deliver better business results. Hence, they realize higher employee productivity, lower turnover, and higher customer satisfaction.

Smart Recruitment:

Our smart platform helps to redesign experiences that allow candidates, new hires & employees to increase employee engagement,  drive development, and create a motivated and productive workforce. We help organizations to nurture employee experience starting from the recruitment itself, providing a platform to streamline recruitment, onboarding processes & accelerate career growth.

Smart Onboarding:

Our smart platform helps your organization to streamline the onboarding tasks. Thus, making sure to connect new hires with critical knowledge required to ensure optimal employee experience. We help to create an inclusive workplace where employees are more engaged with their work and team.

According to Gallup, “Only 12 percent of employees strongly agree that their organization does a great job of onboarding.”

Employee Experience:

We believe great employee experiences precede great business results. Therefore, we have built a smart platform that creates an inclusive workplace where employees are more engaged with their work and team.

“A Gallup poll suggests that companies with a more-engaging, more-focused employee experience achieved 17% higher productivity, three times more revenue per employee, and 40% lower turnover.”

  • Date February 6, 2020
  • Tags Artificial Intelligence, Solutions

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