INTEGRIO has developed various E-Portals, complete with front end and back end systems. We have developed portals for various industries from Government, Hospitality, Biotech, Legal, Medical etc.

MyIdeas (www.myideas.my)
An Idea Bank launched by YAB DATO’ SRI MOHD NAJIB TUN ABDUL RAZAK, PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA and initiated by the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation, Malaysia (MOSTI), which was developed by integrio. Its aim is to encourage Malaysians to be able to contribute ideas to benefit the nation, and to convert these ideas into best practices to improve the society and the overall Malaysian Life.

The portal was planned, designed, developed and is maintained by integrio, in collaboration with Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation Malaysia (MOSTI) and Yayasan Innovasi Malaysia (YIM).

Triple Helix Portal (http://www.biotechcorp.com.my/TH/)
Triple Helix Portal is the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation’s (“BiotechCorp”) online partnering portal which was developed by integrio in partnership with Sapura Synergy (M) Sdn Bhd on:
– Commercialisable life sciences projects / products developed by Malaysian researchers
– Research facilities, equipment & services offered by Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), Research Institutes (RIs), Tech. / Science parks, Incubators, Gov. Linked-Companies (GLCs) and other org.

The portal was launched by Malaysia’s Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi during BioMalaysia 2008 and is an initiative by Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation to enhance the life sciences industry in Malaysia.

IVO – Idea Evolution – (www.ivo2u.com)
IVO the unprecedented system of circulating ideas in the corporate world by making them count. The IVO brings about an ‘Idea Culture’ where ideas from all quarters of the industry are taken into account, discussed, promoted and the best practices implemented. IVO’s First users are IHG Group of Hotels. IVO is a platform where all employees can use it to share and contribute new ideas that can benefit the entire organization.

GolfStir (www.golfstir.com)
One of integrio’s own new E-Portal is GolfStir, which is a Golfers Networking website, where Golfers will be able to Network and store and share there scores online. Our aim with GolfStir is to become the Premier Golfers Networking Website.

GolfStir is the new way to connect, network, store, share golf game scores, and stay in touch with other Golfers worldwide.

  • Date December 7, 2014
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