AI in People Analytics

AI in People Analytics

People Analytics with AI 

AI plays a large role in HR to support people analytics in innovative ways to attract top talent. We provide a smart platform with the AI tools businesses need to track, analyse & manage their workforce data,  identify insights from people analytics and understand where there are gaps so they can improve experiences for both individuals and teams. We are using many different data points and touchpoints which provides unique insights into workplace wellbeing, team collaboration and measure employee engagement through People Analytics

HR’s Transformation with People Analytics

We believe that incorporating AI into HR’s transition from administrative to strategic enables HR teams to solve critical business challenges. People Analytics enables live insights for companies to recognize wellbeing, map collaboration trends, measure engagement & organizational network in order to reach business goals. It allows HR Managers to pinpoint sources of overwork, saving the company significant costs that are associated with employee dissatisfaction & turnover.

A Strategic Workforce:

Our smart platform with People Analytics gives a new dimension to strategic workforce planning to reduce employee attrition. It is a helpful tool to find the right mix of employees in the workplace, which skills and talents are key to maintain balance, and the best-fit candidates for the internal or external hiring process.

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  • Date February 1, 2020
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