AI in Learning & Development

AI in Learning & Development

Adaptive Learning in Today’s Workplace?

Organizations are moving away from the traditional learning management systems (LMS) traditionally designed and used for HR, compliance and formal training to learning experience platforms. It is because of AI that today we are able to provide a personalized learning environment to the employees. Our AI conversational solution, built to improve employee interaction and collaboration, is acting as a game-changer in the innovative L&D-Tech world.

Changing The Way Learning Happens

  • Integrate AI with LMS for a more personalized training
  • Using Bots as trainers
  • Continuous learning in the workflow
  • Targeted interactive learning
  • Making learning fun and more productive

izeberg AI Bot Implementation

AI implementation in the L&D sector will help to evaluate every aspect of an employee’s performance and suggest their training path accordingly. This will take personalization to a whole new level making the content accessible or relevant to the learner.

Organizations are always looking to improve efficiency and productivity and at the same time reduce costs when it. And AI does that by reducing the reliance on repeat training and delivering learning and information more efficiently. Having izeberg AI Bot as personal coaching, mentor and learning buddy offers the prospect of continuous and personalized support and learning at work.

  • Date March 11, 2019
  • Tags Artificial Intelligence, Solutions
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