AI For Education & Learning

AI For Education & Learning

Digital Transformation & AI for the Education Sector

AI has a major influence on all types of education sectors and empowers students & teachers. It’s a pivotal factor in an institution’s competitiveness providing a truly personalized experience with smart content, intelligent tutoring systems and virtual learning environments. Compared to traditional learning methods, personalized and adaptive learning with AI has been proven to be more effective in achieving the learning objectives.

One of the greatest challenges most institutes & teachers face is that students learn differently and at different rates. Our AI platform can help to do these tasks while simultaneously offering recommendations on how to cross the bridges in learning. It helps fill needs gaps in learning and teaching and allows schools and teachers to do more than ever before.

“Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.”

How can our AI  platform improve the lives of students and teachers alike?

  • Smart learning to adapt due to the students’ level of knowledge & interest, identifying gaps in knowledge and redirects to new topics when appropriate
  • Adaptive learning by providing learning and content that’s optimized for each individual learner based on gathered through sentiment analysis, training, and surveys.
  • Personalized learning by adding a personal touch to everyone’s learning behaviour patterns, preferences of an individual.
  • Better engagement by making interactions with parents and provide insight into materials as needed for both academic & non-academic matters.
  • Sentimental Analysis to help university administrators and teachers address problematic areas in teaching and learning using NLP and machine learning
  • Assisting educators with organisational tasks, managing operations, and processes with data-driven insights.
  • Adoption of virtual assistants/mentors to track the students’ progress & get instant feedback.
  • A digital ecosystem, making more time for students and teachers to create deeper bonds, spend more time together, and ultimately make it count where it matters.

Why your institution should move towards AI & how our AI platform can assist

Adoption of AI is on the rise in the education sectors, developing powerful learning experiences
& providing better support for teachers and students. Following are few ways how our AI solution/platform for Universities/Colleges provide a rich education experience:

  • Access to insights & data allow us a better understanding of student behaviours and to predict needs by recommending and positioning content based on behaviours
  • Adaptive learning that is personalized to the individual is a powerful way to engage today’s students
  • AI responds to individual needs making students know that they aren’t just a learning something that is designed as one size that fits all.
  • The use of AI in learning programs produces more detailed reports on the effectiveness

Benefits of our AI Platform Integrated Learning:

  • Learning Fast or Slow: New students can use them to learn at their own pace.
  • Constant Availability: Available at any time or place, providing continued learning & support at all times
  • Efficiency: Saves on resources, time and money, allowing the students to learn at their own pace
  • Cost-Effective & Easy: Easy to implement for a universities system without requiring additional resources


To find out how universities can adopt a digital mindset moving towards IR4.0 using insights and AI for smart learning & education, contact us

  • Date June 25, 2020
  • Tags Artificial Intelligence, Solutions

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