INTEGRIO, a MSC Malaysia
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Positioned as a world-class services and solutions provider.
MSC Malaysia status is a recognition awarded to entities by the Government of Malaysia through the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) for ICT and ICT-facilitated businesses. It is awarded to both local and foreign companies that develop or utilise multimedia technologies to produce or enhance their products and services, and for process development.

Being recognised as a MSC Malaysia Status also reflects that INTEGRIO is positioned as a world-class services and solutions provider. The Government of Malaysia also grants additional incentives, rights and privileges to qualified organisations.

INTEGRIO will continue to successfully bridge the digital gap between the nation and its capability to conduct businesses worldwide. And help contribute to the Malaysian economy. By doing so, MSC Malaysia continues to successfully bridge the digital gap between the nation and its capability to conduct businesses worldwide.

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Why you should work with us

We are passionate at what we do, and we innovate constantly and execute to get things done.
Our Mission

We are passionately committed in innovating and providing advanced solutions and services for our clients, aimed at increasing efficiency and quality and delivering them with integrity and value.

Our Vision

Our three year goal is to innovate and provide efficient solutions and services by which we can make a significant and lasting impact in the industry and the world and become a market leader in the industry.

Our Philosophy

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, we simplify processes and challenge the complexities by disruptive thinking.

Why we built    izeberg

As a company when we started growing we started using various apps to get things done. Then we started to realise that all of our data was spread across different apps, and stored in different places and formats. We were always jumping between platforms, often having to enter the same data multiple times, according to the specific design and functionality of a particular tool. It was becoming painfully inefficient, not to mention costly, and as the business grew it only intensified the problem.-
Imagine trying to pilot a plane from several different cockpits, each with their own unique layout, and a control panel that speaks its own language. You would be constantly running between them, relaying information or translating data, desperately trying to make sure they are all flying the plane in the same direction. Sounds familiar?-
So this is what we learned: it turns out that relying on a multitude of tools for collaboration and productivity can end up having exactly the opposite effect. This left us pretty disappointed with SaaS apps, but we were convinced that there must be a better way. Inspired by our experience of the most effective tools and features of the very best SaaS apps, izeberg brings them together on one platform, streamlining your processes and ensuring blanket compatibility.-

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